Making an AFK Calculator for Anime Fighters Simulator – Roblox Game

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Been playing Anime Fighers Simulator a lot lately and wanted to make a calculator to work out the cost for overnight afk opening.

This is what I have made 


The Game “Anime Fighters Simulator” is a roblox game similar to a clicker game like cookie clicker but based on Anime and has some extra playability as it is not purely based on clicking. I have played this game for over 6000 hours so far and the competative streak in me has me playing way more than I should. One of the thing that I saw people asking regularily in streams was how much would it cost to AFK open in world x. This sounded like a fun thing to work on so I started making it as a web page using jquery and css bootstrap.


The first thing I did was create all the inputs needed to work out how many stars(fighters) you can open. This consists of the amount of stars you can open at once, the game passes you own and the game badges you have for a world. Since different players can open different amount this needs to be editable.


Next I needed to be able to set how much it costs to open so I added the inputs for costs. As with most clicker type games the number go up exponentially and are denoted by characters such as B for billion and Q for quadrillion. To handle this I created an array with all the denoted characters

With the inputs set for teh stars and the costs i needed a way for users to set the world they want to open. I then created the following table with each world and their costs for stars:

World Name Star Cost Token Cost
Super Island 80 21
Ninja Village 300 53
Crazy Town 2.5k 227
Fruits Island 10k 593
Hero University 50k 1.8k
Walled City 250k 5.51k
Slayer Army 800k 12.3k
Ghoul Town 3m 30.8k
Chimera Jungle 10m 71.1k
Virtual Castle 40m 185k
Empty Dimension 150m 464k
Cursed High 500m 1.07m
XYZ Metropolis 1.5b 2.29m
9 Crimes island 5b 5.28m
Destiny Island 20b 13.8m
Lucky Kingdom 80b 36m
Land Of Alchemy 250b 79.5m
Slimey Island 780b 174m
Flame City 2t 336m
Divine Colosseum 7t 800m
Kingdom Of Four 20t 1.65b
Icy Wastes 65t 3.75b
The Underworld 200t 8.17b
Psychic City 650t 18.5b
The Hole 2q 40.3b
Ninja City 6q 86.4b
Time Travel Tokyo 20q 199b
Orca Road Prison 66q 455b
World Of Games 220q 1.04t
30 TBC 0 0

The max open tokens are added here as well as the max open will be used in our results too.

With all this set I created some code to work out the costs for the values enterd in the input fields:

This code is available on github here incase you want to make this yourself on your server. Credit is appreciated but not required 🙂



Sharing is caring!

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