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This is the homepage for the Full Unity 2D Game Tutorial 2019. The aim of this tutorial is to have a complete guide from start to publish on the Itch.io platform. Many tutorials show how to to a single task and that’s great for showing how to do a single section of code but I find this fails to show how all the different sections work together.  This tutorial is focused on the process from beginning to end. This includes rewriting many areas of code to work with new features. In my line of work as a Software Developer 90% of my work is refactoring already existing code to add new features. Hopefully this tutorial will help people see that code doesn’t have to be perfect first time and not to get discouraged because they did something wrong.

An Example of the finished product can be found on Itch.io below.

Full Unity 2D Game Tutorial 2019


  1. Project SetupGithub Source 
  2. Player MovementGithub Source
  3. Background Tiling and Camera = Github Source
  4. Bullets and PrefabsGithub Source
  5. Enemy Ai and CollidersGithub Source
  6. Scriptable Objects WeaponsGithub Source
  7. UI and TextMeshProGithub Source
  8. Interfaces and Enemy ShootingGithub Source
  9. Game ManagerGithub Source
  10. Audio ManagerGithub Source
  11. Main MenuGithub Source
  12. PreferencesGithub Source (With Bonus Code)
  13. Making Mini Map MaskGithub Source
  14. Particle EffectsGithub Source

Sharing is caring!