Drag Camera 2D Pro – v1.2

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Drag Camera 2D Pro – v1.2 is now live.

The newest version of DragCamera 2D pro is now live and has a completely new Camera Dolly system. The original system was simply a set of waypoints which the camera would traverse over based on the position of a tracked object(the player). This would limit the camera to straight lines between waypoints and didn’t give people enough control to create good creative output. The new system now uses bezier curves to define a path between waypoint meaning you can now have curvy paths.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpYj7pasnx8[/embedyt]

New Features in Drag Camera 2D Pro – v1.2

  • Bezier curves
    • You can now create straight or smooth curved lines between waypoints and adjust the curvature going into and out of each waypoint.
  • Tracked or Timed
    • Change the mode between tracked object (follow player) or Track Times (travers whole track in x seconds)
  • Auto Smoothing
    • A GUI button that will auto smooth the track creating a smooth curve over the whole dolly track.
  • Auto Straighten
    • Don’t want a curvy track? Just click the straighten button to make the whole track straight between all points.
  • Auto Timing
    • Made a nice new track but your camera track speed is jerky? Just use the even section times button to even out the times between each waypoint to create a butter smooth camera track.
  • New Scene view GUI controls
    • New controls for adjusting your dolly track including, position, curvature in and out, time on section, pre and post waypoint addition.
  •  Custom GUI colouring
    • You can change the colour of the scene view controls so you will always be able to see the contros no matter what colours are in the scene.
  • Per track or Per waypoint timing
    • Allows you to set the mode for timed track traversal. Use individual times between each waypoint or set the time for the whole track.
  • Delayed Start
    • Set a time to delay the start of the timed track traversal.
  • Constant speed
    • Limit bezier curves so camera moves at same speed over waypoints.  Disabling this allows you to add curvature that creates fast and slow zones on a single section of track.
  • Render Track
    • Allows you to rander the track during gameplay with the line renderer. Usefull for debugging or as a base for drawing an actual track in game.

In addition to the new features, the example scenes have been updated so they no longer look like they were drawn by a 3 year old. All  images used with royalty free images, so free to use in your game.

Fixed a bug where the camera bounds would not be automatically set in the camera and had to be manually added when created.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JX1NhMnHcdI[/embedyt]

Drag Camera 2D Pro Unity Asset Camera Dolly

Drag Camera 2D - Pro v1.2 Camera bounds unity asset example

The original asset description and information can be found on this site here Drag Camera 2D – Unity Asset

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